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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  April 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tonight, an area mom is waiting hoping to hear the voice of her son missing for weeks in libya and another mother is facing charges after her two small children spend the night alone in a car in the woods. dieting is tough, and it is getting tougher. members of weight watchers say they are losing their minds instead of weight. now, abc2 news at 11. >> we begin with breaking news, a massive fire on a chicken farm. it started in cecilton when a 400-foot long chicken barn caught fire. then the winds took over and brushed it up against another barn and then another. water is scarce because it's a rural area, so tanker trucks have been brought in along with
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units from delaware. we have crews on the way to the scene. high winds are no doubt making it difficult for firefighters. >> what are the conditions like? >> winds are gusting heavily. we have 35-40 miles an hour. national weather service advising an enhanced fire risk through the overnight hours. take a look. peak gusts near elkton. and 26 in dover. we are seeing gusts higher than these numbers and still a warm night. chance for showers to come in and provide some wet weather overnight to help with the fire risk. but that is going to take a while. i do not see them coming in here until we get closer to dawn. more on the week ahead in a few more minutes.
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strong winds may have been a factor in a crash. three people were sent to the hospital with series injuries. >> the federal aviation said a wind gust looked like it was responsible. it happened in caroline county. the plane were approaching the run way when it flipped. the three people in the hospital are listed in serious conditions. the federal aviation administration is calling for inspections of all southwest airplanes. they had appear emergency landing on friday. a -- they had an emergency landing on friday. >> cannot allow planes to blow holes in their roof while people are at 30,000 feet. we just can't. we are still feeling feeling
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the effect of the delays. the middle east and world politics is a passion for matthew van dike, a free-lance journalist from baltimore. when the fighting started in libya he visited friends miles away from the unrest. but it's been weeks since his family and friends have heard from him. >> the mother takes comfort that her son does know well the tensions in areas like this. he has been arrested 20 times and has been through a mock execution. but there's great concern about his safety. >> in his trips around the world, he always carried home a gift for his mom. from all over the world, this
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picture of matthew is the most recent right before he left for libya. he rode his motorcycle through the middle east. so when the up rising began
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the harbor tunnel had traffic problems. look at this, a crash involving several cars and a school bus.
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shut down the southbound lanes here eastern avenue at 5:30 tonight. but two people did have to go to the hospital with injuries. no word on what caused the crash. you know when the oriels win the fans feel good. here is christian with the cloud that loves wins and loves to play downtown. chris? >> yeah, 13 straight losing seasons but fans said not only are they confident that this streak ends this season, that they will be here to see it. the business is booming. it always like this on opening day but this season vendors say they are optimistic that more wins mean more business. >> i think we will have a great season with the new coach and the new player that is we will have. we will have a great season.
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>> those wins will bring a more steady stream of customers. >> it's the oriels best start since 1997. it's exciting and a new beginning. it great. it's great. there's a lot of people here. >> opening day officially a sell out and fans say they will be back. >> i go to a lot of games but there's added in sentence -- there's added incentice to come watch them. >> bars are full and customers are out, people are really just feeling good about it. it's great. >> the oriels are off tuesday but if they win on tuesday and
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go 5-0, it will be their best start since 1997. we have your opening day highlights coming up later. all right. we told you about i want last night a police officer that ran for county sheriff twice and loft is? jail now. it happened yesterday afternoon, mark zander was trimming his edges when his dog ran into his neighbor's yard and he went to get his dog, he got into an argument with his neighbor. as he was headed back home, richter shot his neighborhood in the back. howard county police arrested all three suspects in the robbery of the jewelry story in the mall. a mother is facing charges after leaving her two children
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in the car in the woods all night long. she was out driving around looking for her husband when the car got stuck in the mall, she got out and left the 2 month old and 10 month old son in the car, they were there for 13 how weres before a passer by picked her up. instead of asking for help, she asked the driver to take her home instead of helping her find her children. >> i do not have a criminal history. i did not do it on purpose. i might have made a bad decision, and i'll pay for it. >> well the children are luckily doing fine tonight, mom is behind bars. our series on maryland cold cases continues tonight. a long time resident was murdered three residents ago this month. now the community and people
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that love her are getting together to help breathe new life back into this old case. >> you feel so helpless. you know, you cannot do anything for nancy. you cannot change what happened to her. you cannot turn back the clock. >> we have the story tomorrow night right here on abc news a at 11:00. the rules are changes on weight watchers, some snacks that used to be one point are now three. >> the day that was at oriels park, one of the best openers that we had in years. wait until you see what was used to haul away an atm. we will be back in 60 seconds.
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caught on camera two suspects used a front end loader to pick up the atm and put it in a pup
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truck. they found the a atm and the vehicle they used but the suspects are on the loose. an order to keep fuel rods that japan's nuclear power plant to stop melting down further they have used water. but the water is highly radioactive now, and they have run out of places to store it. they are keeping the most contaminated water on site and the rest of it is being dumped into the ocean. the potential nuclear melt down in the middle east is sending the bomb shelter business booming. they are selling a shelter for
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38,000-dollars and costco is seeing a rise in shelters and frozen food. yale university may be hundreds of years old but it's facing the first of its kind complaint. a lawsuit alleges that they have a campus that is hostile to young women. they are said to have violated title 9. it highlights email known a as the preseason scouting report, it ranked 53 freshman women on how many beers it would take to have sex with them. you know it tough to diet but when the rules change it's tougher. that is what weight watcher members are saying right now.
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why they are unhappy so you do not waist your money. >> millions people have lost weight thanks to weight watchers. the program gets great reviews for the most part. but, recent changes have left some members unhappy and frustrated. >> i have weight watchers fudge bars which which are really good. they are now three points instead of one. >> she is trying adjust to the points plus system. ever since the company changed the points value for different foods at the end of next year. >> you had to buy you a material, new scales and new books. the new book contained errors and pages of errors that members now have to correct. >> you have to download on your
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computer and print out all the mistakes and go through page, each page, and cross out what is in there or add what has not been added. >> now she has to make sure the numbers are correct before making a meal. shows you the incorrect item and then what the correction is. >> she is not alone in being frustration. dieters are losing their mind not just losing pounds. weight watchers apologizes for the errors and is printing new books. and the points plus system gives fruits and vegetables more emphasis. weight watchers agreed to reimburse her some of what she paid. and is willing to help people that are having problems with the program. no matter how you are
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trying to get healthy. whether it's weight watchers or jenny craig or diet and exercise programs. we have you covered here, go to abc11 now maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> so far so good here on maryland's most powerful radar. we have seen a couple of storms and showers passing briefly through the western and northwestern suburbs, north of the pennsylvania line. not seeing much yet but there's more action on the radar we will get to in a second. >> the old all time record was 1956, i mean, we broke it and
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smashed it by three degrees today, a warm day and great day for oriels baseball and unusual. 79 right now. winds southwest at 18 and pressure rising. i expect it to fall later. it was a great day downtown, sunshine and warm temperatures. record warmth. a busy day and why not. when you have summer like temperatures in early april. we were like a solid 10, or 15 degrees today then this time last year. we are several months ahead of schedule with this weather. fire hazard because of the winds gusting. they are battling fires right now and winds will stay up for the next several hours and stay windy overnight with the approaching front. we are still nearly at 70 and it's going to be one of those nights where the high
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temperature for the day tomorrow will be just past midnight. temperatures will fall through the day and high temperatures tomorrow will be misleading, again, unbelieveablely warm, and tomorrow you can trim off a solid, 25 degrees or so for most of us and as you take a look at the early neighborhood forecast, 62, 60s, these are the mid-morning and early day high temperatures. temperatures will cool off into the 50s as we go through the afternoon and evening. it's interesting, the first wave weakening out and dieing out. we have a system coming up from virginia, the severe weather threat will stay west of us. and as we lose the heat of the day, any storms we get will be below severe limits. warm and windy for the next couple of hours, as the front
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goes through it will be a wet morning commute. you can see lightening and thunder should be gone tomorrow afternoon and we will have a dryer looking wednesday. that is good since you consider game two is tuesday and game three wednesday. showers and thunderstorms, a good bit of the first half of the day tomorrow. and temperatures falling through day, cooler through the afternoon and 35 tomorrow night, that will be quite a bit colder. here is your seven-day forcast it's a big shift from last week. it's milder on a consistent basis but there's that unsettled aspect that we have a chance for a shower or storm every day this week. we think wednesday will be optimistic that the rain will not be at game time. thursday is early to say. >> records smashed at the. >> how about that, warmer today than the preakness last year
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right. >> and that was quite a bit later. well it was more than about dancing. week three dancing with the stars was about telling a story tonight. ten couples hit the floor and they were using movement costumes and props to tell a story. after the judges weighed in, wendy williams and her partner were at the bottom, tieing for the top spot, don't listen, petra, and hines ward doing the dance with kim johnson. we will find out who is going home tomorrow. >> hey, march, the madness is not over, it ends in just a bit over three minutes. uconn is winning 46-35. it's going to be one of the lowest scoring championships in a while. they are back for the
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championship game and hoping for a different outcome. last year they lost to duke. we invite you to be in our bracket challenge. the first with top scores is ryan duly. he has a solid lead and the next highest scorer is butter 990 with 132 you know who you are and jeremy web with 126. and there's always next year. thank you to all that participated. >> i hope, we did not make the board. the oriels was a sight to see. they were 4-0 after today. on night line the hidden truth about all the cracks in airplanes.
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all right listen, in this was your first, in this was your 58th, this will go down in the top three for home openers from the weather to the winning, we talk besides the tribute at 5 and 6. the oriels coming home to fans ready for success. pickles was lined up 7 people deep, the roads around the park were flooded with cars and before you settled in your seat, you did not need the score board to tell you to yell let's go o's, you did it on your own. the town is in a frenzy about its o's. >> the flag was still there, oh, say does that -- >> perfect. >> it's amazing how much orange
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and black you can find in your closet after you win four games right out of the box. here is 11-year-old harrison from baltimore. who got the loudest clap? the butler baltimore d when in baltimore you honor royalty so bring in the earl of royalty for the first pitch. the past linking up with the future. nothing like a hot dog and baseball. >> and roberts puts it in the air and that will get one in and the wind blowing it back and back and back in the wall. a three rbi homer for brian roberts. >> first from the soaking sung to the smiles on the customer's faces the oriels beat the tigers. next game wednesday night, the
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last night they won five in a row was 1970 and a club managed by earl weaver. >> solid job down there. i am jealous, i want to go to the game for the food. here is a early look at game two, jamie which happens in two days because of the rain delay possibility we had for tomorrow. 57 degrees, and first pitch 7:05 it will be a cooler game and will not be the summer-like baseball we had today, we have to get through the showers and storms and they are set to arrive by dawn as we go into the overnight and early tomorrow. leave time in the morning and we will be right back.
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next year we need to go to the game, what do you think? >> yeah, you guys stay back here. >> we will go to the game. >> it looked like a good time. first 80 plus game of the year. >> we wake up tomorrow still in first place. >> post season. let's go, let's go, keep it hot. [ scott ] my family's been in the dairy business
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